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Red Oak Landscaping

The Red Oak Difference

A Four-Season Landscape Created for Your Home

We love creating beautiful four-season landscapes unique to our clients' homes. If you are ready to update your uninteresting builder-grade landscape that looks like every other house on your street, let Red Oak create a beautiful, easy to care for landscape that will look great all year as it changes with the seasons. Your new landscape will include a composition of trees, shrubs, and perennials that provide spring and summer blooms, scented flowers, fall color, and plants with winter features. Let us create a vibrant front yard landscape, a private backyard oasis, or an outdoor living space with a paver or flagstone patio, outdoor kitchen, or stone fireplace.

Best Plants and Practices

For over 20 years our entire focus has been creating great landscapes for our clients. Red Oak creates landscapes using the newest and best plant varieties with industry-certified construction practices. In contrast, most other firms are really "lawn mowing companies" that do a bit of landscaping on the side, and consequently, they are unfamiliar with the best industry practices and the best plants for your landscape. 

Designed for Easy Maintenance

Using best practices and plants, the landscape Red Oak creates for you will flourish with no need for pesticides or other chemical treatment and will thrive with only natural rainfall (once established). Additionally, we will not over-plant your new landscape and your trees and shrubs will have room to grow to their full beauty with no or minimal pruning. 

A great landscape with easy care! Priceless!

New Plant Varieties

New and improved plant varieties have bigger and more colorful flowers, improved foliage color and texture, and a much higher resistance to pests and disease compared to older plant varieties. Additionally, new plants are not already widely used, creating a landscape unique to your home.

Decades of Easy Care and Enjoyment

We create your landscape to provide years of beauty and enjoyment. Our best practices include amending the soil with rich compost for better plant development, planting trees and shrubs at the proper depth and spacing for long term health, and planting the right plant in the right place to complement your home rather than hiding your home behind overgrown shrubs and poorly located trees.

One Point of Contact

Your landscape designer at Red Oak is your individual point of contact responsible for your complete satisfaction. Your landscape designer will create a landscape plan that is unique to your home and provide daily supervision of your project to ensure that the final landscape creation exceeds your expectations. In contrast, other landscape firms will have various people sharing responsibility of your project (including a separate landscape designer, sales person, and project manager) with no one having complete responsibility or understanding of your project.

Three Year 100% Guarantee 

All new trees, shrubs, and perennials Red Oak uses to create your new landscape come with our standard Three-Year Guarantee. We also provide a Lifetime Plant Guarantee if you have us perform annual spring maintenance on your landscape (mulching, debris cleanup, edging, and limited pruning). In addition, our guarantee covers ALL new trees, shrubs, and perennials we plant - no exclusions. How can we provide such a great guarantee?

Best practices and best plants!

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