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Red Oak Landscaping

Landscape Pricing Information

The price of a professional landscape installation depends upon the size and complexity of the project. However, our landscapes and hardscapes generally fall within the following price ranges:

Outdoor Living Areas

$28,000 to $75,000+

Front Yard Landscapes

$5,000 to $11,000

Front and Side Yard Landscapes

$7,000 to $13,000

Backyard Landscapes

$8,500 to $30,000+

Complete Yard Landscapes

$22,000 to $55,000+

Outdoor Low-Voltage Lighting 

$3,500 to $9,000

Water Features


These prices are for beautiful, four-season landscapes that include a creative composition of generously sized trees and shrubs, planting bed preparation with Nature Wise Compost, burying of downspout drains, materials, labor, and sales tax. 


An industry rule-of-thumb is that the total investment in landscaping (including trees, shrubs, irrigation system, retaining walls, decks and patios, and outdoor lighting) should be at least 10% to 15% of a home's value. Landscapes can be installed over time to spread out the cost. 

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